( No Gym, No Diets, No Nike Shoes, No Adidas T-Shirts required,

Just Powerful Breathing)

Experience the Magic of Yogic Breathing and Instantly Dissolve Prolonged Stress, Anxiety and Over thinking at Anywhere and Anytime.

Date : 19th July 2024
Time : 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Orginal Value INR 999- Limited Time Offer

Why You Should Attend This Masterclass?


Secret 1

Stress Relieving Breathing


Secret 2

Creating a 10X Supportive


Secret 3

Double up your energy through Breath

you'll be able to overcome the Following Struggles

Stressed Chaos in Family and Work

Daily Energy






Emotional Turbulence



Orginal Value INR 999

FREE for Limited Time

Two Hour Workshop

1. Personal Breath Alchemy

2. Mastering Your Mind and managing emotions

3. Autonomic Nervous System

4. Daily Breathing Rituals for Transformation

5. Unlock the Vault of Instant Stress and Anxiety Relief

6. Breath Awareness and Consciousness

7. Live Practice and Meditation

8. Unearth the Anti-Fragile Technique

9. Command the Force of Daily Rituals

10. Techniques for Unshackling Pain

11. What are you really Missing?

12. Blueprint for Unstoppable Growth

Secret 1 - Capture Unlimited Leads & Dominate with Zero Cost Marketing

  • Zero Cost Marketing: Unveiling the Revolutionary Approach

  • Social Media Marketing Planner: Building Your Online Empire

  • Create Content for the Next 1 Year: Captivate and Convert

  • Done For You Contents for the Next 1 Year: Elevate Your Productivity

Secret 2 - Automate Nurturing Systems and Achieve Sales on Autopilot

  • Lead EngagementAutomating lead engagement.

  • Nurturing Customer Journey:Guiding leads with automation.

  • Relationship Building:Automating relationship strengthening.

  • Content Distribution:Automating valuable content distribution.

Secret 3 - Sales on Autopilot: Harnessing Automation for Business Success

  • Automated Sales:Shifting from manual to automated sales.

  • Sales Funnels:Utilizing automated sales


  • Persuasion:Using persuasive techniques to drive sales.

  • Seamless Process:Establishing a smooth, background sales process.

Secret 4 -Happy Repeated Customers & Scale up to 10 Crore / Year

  • Understanding Customer Psychology: Unlocking the Path to Happiness

  • Customer Journey Mapping: Crafting Seamless Experiences

  • Effective Customer Communication: Building Trust and Engagement

  • Loyalty Programs and Retention Strategies: Sustaining Long-Term Success

At The End Of The Session :

  • Elevate your marketing game by mastering the art of Zero Cost Marketing, where lead generation is not bound by financial constraints. Enter a world of unlimited leads and heightened business potential.

  • Discover the power of automation and step into a realm where sales happen even while you sleep. Learn to build nurturing systems that fuel constant growth and ensure your sales are always on.

  • Turn your customers into lifelong fans, ensuring their happiness and satisfaction. A happy customer is a returning customer, and these are the pillars for sustainable business growth.

  • Scale your business up to ten crores/year by keeping your customers at the heart of everything you do. The right customer-focused strategy can drive exponential growth and transform your business.

  • Launch your business effortlessly over a weekend, reaping benefits like a seasoned entrepreneur. With no extensive experience or costly tools needed, make your dream business a reality and start seeing 10X revenue on autopilot.

What Our Students Are Saying About The MASTERCLASS?

Meet Your Breath Healer and Coach



Inspirational Books that redefined my journey.

You will get a list of INSPIRATIONAL Books that changed my life in the last decade along with the amazon links.



card and Inspirational Booster.

This is for your daily practice for the stressfree positive mindset.


Two Guided Meditation - Letting Go and Self-Love.

It gives you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health.


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What are the timings of the webinar?

The timings and all other details are mentioned at the top of this page Friday:  10.30 am  to 12.30 pm IST

Will the workshop be live or pre-recorded?

This is a live workshop for 2 hours

When will I receive the bonuses?

You will receive the workshop bonuses in thank you page and whatsapp group. The link for the Bonuses is available in the description of the WhatsApp Group you are joining.

Can my problem be healed completely?

Yes, it is possible for your issues like Hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, Stress and Anxiety to be cured completely. But it is possible only if we allow ourselves to be healed and not come in the way of ourselves. By applying holistic methods such as conscious breathing, meditation, mindfulness, we can overcome many physical and  emotional imbalances.

Will you be sharing the recordings?

Yes, We will be sharing the recording and it is valid for 48 hours only.It is best to attend it live as one can derive the most benefit from it.

Begin Your Journey to Breath Mastery Now

Experience the transformation BREATH can bring to your life.

Bye Bye to Stress and Anxiety - Become a Powerful Person from WITHIN

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can take this Workshop?

Coaches, aspiring coaches, consultants, 9-5 professionals, etc. If you think you have a skill which can change people’s lives, this is for you. This workshop will give you a holistic framework to thrive in your business as well as spiritual life.

2. Is the Workshop download-able? Will we get a replay? 

No, It is a LIVE workshop.

3. Can this high-income skill turn our life around?

You will get all the strategies & tools that you need to become a top industry coach. However, results will only come after implementation.

4. Can MMCB also help me transform my client?

You will learn step-by-step methods to position and package your product/services in a way that does 2 things- bring satisfaction & value for money to your clients and help you sell at high-ticket prices. MMCB will also help you become more spiritually aligned with your purpose as a coach.

5. I want a strategic plan to hit my monthly profit goals. Is it achievable as a new coach?

Through our Coach Assessment tool you will leave the 1-day interactive workshop with a solid plan, where you currently stand in the market, and next steps to take.

6. Will we get a Refund?

There is no refund policy.

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